Introducing Hotel View 360°

Hello and thank you for stopping by our first blog post.

As it is the first, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce Hotel View 360.

As the name suggests, our business is here to work with the hospitality industry and more specifically the hotels and venues sector and we’re, therefore, looking to work with hotels & venues that would like to show off and promote their premises using 360° technology.

Hotel View 360, provides a 360° virtual tour service which helps your customers, whether business or the general public, to understand and visualize where their event or place of stay will look like before they arrive in person. It’s an ideal marketing tool if you have a multi-purpose function room because for some, it’s hard to imagine what your function room can look like.

360° technology is used to assist your sales team as well as providing a service to your potential client via your website or mobile; whether you’re aiming at the wedding clientele, wanting to increase the sales of your meeting rooms, spa facilities, function event setups.  360° technology will be a useful marketing / promotional tool because not everybody can visualize a room prepared for a specific purpose.

If you’ve just had a venue refurbishment or you’re looking to update and use modern technology within your facilities, investing in 360° technology is also a brilliant opportunity to update the photography on the hotel’s website.

Many of your competitors will show a thumbnail image which will give a potential customer some indication of what it is they’re purchasing but not the full picture. With each 360° image that we take, will give you the possibility of using 180° images and by including these images within your marketing material, it shall provide your hospitality service with that instant ‘wow’ factor, that your customers are looking for.

Our service will include an overnight stay at your hotel so that we can avoid the peak times and minimal interruptions to your daily service. This also gives us the chance to make sure that the photographs have been taken correctly and, in the unlikely event that we have to retake a particular 360° shot, we can. You’ll also see a first draft of what your virtual tour looks like.

Once we’re happy with the basic draft, the project shall then be completed off-site. We will be in constant contact via email with updates and make the changes as necessary. There’s a specific process to completing 180° degree panoramic images. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, please let us know in advance.

Once your 360° virtual tour is completed, you’ll receive a URL link which you can then use within your website. Alternatively, we can send you the files to upload to your server, but we will request a link from your website to ours.

Our first blog post has come to its end and we hope that you’ve found our introduction useful. If you have any questions please let us know via our contact form.

Hopefully, we’ll be working with you soon.

Hotel View 360.


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