360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues Terminology Explained

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues Video Pop ups

If you already have a marketing video this optional extra is perfect for you. Specific to each room, you can add an information point containing your marketing video.

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues Text Pop ups

This option is a great way of telling your audience what is typically on your menu at a restaurant, or just general information about the room which they’re currently looking at.

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues View Point

A view point is how we describe each hotspot which you click on to move to the next room or area within the room. We typically charge per view point.

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues Panoramic Image

The very first image which you saw when you first came to our website, is a panoramic image. it typically covers 180° field of view, which is fantastic for showing off your space to your online audience.

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues 360° Virtual Tour

A 360° virtual tour is a virtual tour made up of eight carefully stitched together images, taken in a special way that allows this service to be possible.

360 Virtual Tours, Hotels, VEnues 360° Video Tour

A 360° video is similar to a normal video that you might find on YouTube but you’ll be able to look in which ever direction you wish whilst all the action is happening around you.